Protect our Manoomin

This map of Enbridge's Sandpiper Pipeline and manoomin. In treaty land terms, Sandpiper runs primarily through the 1855 ceded land area. As we know, the IRA tribal councils at White Earth and Leech Lake have yet to resolve the situation regarding reserved treaty rights in the 1855 treaty area. In federal Indian law, it has been established that off-reservation resources, i.e., hunting, fishing and gathering rights on ceded lands, are pertinent to the health and well-being of tribes in an affected treaty land area. So the question is - how are sustenance resources that provide for the health and well-being of tribal citizens going to be protected?

Manoomin in Danger

Gov. Mark Dayton and top state pollution officials abruptly reversed a decision to publicly affirm a long-standing and highly contentious water-quality rule designed to protect wild rice after Iron Range legislators intervened in late February, according to internal records and e-mails. Here's the article to read more: 

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