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In November 2018, Honor the Earth and Ben & Jerry's teamed up to release a new flavor of ice cream; Pecan Resist

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Solar Bear

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Rural Renewable Energy Alliance

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Fresh Energy

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Midwest Center for Environmental Advocacy








Slow Food Turtle Island Association




Science and Environment Health Network

Visionary Science, Ethics, Law and Action in the Public Interest



Trees Water People & We Care Solar

Trees Water People 

We Care Solar

The Honor the Earth solar team recently met with Eriq Acousta and Sebastian Africano from our partner organization Trees Water People.  We were joined by Hal Aronson from We Care Solar, an organization that provides portable "solar suitcases" to generate electricity in remote locations around the world.  Together we plan to use the solar suitcases to introduce solar PV and electrical circuitry concepts to youth on the White Earth Reservation and at our cultural camps next summer. 


Idle No More

Sparked with public, non violent direct actions, spiritual fasts, and round dances in the early winter of 2012, Idle No More is now an international movement which calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water.

Owe Aku

Bring Back the Way and International Justice Project

Owe Aku works to bring back the Lakota way of life, which includes humanity’s role in nature: we are a part of it, not outside of it, not having dominion over it. To achieve this Owe Aku works to stop mining that contaminates water and land. Owe Aku has reestablished programs that utilize the wisdom of their ancestors in combatting the effects of inter-generational trauma caused by colonization and the intentional attempts for hundreds of years to destroy our culture.

Protect our Manoomin

 Protect Our Manoomin’s role includes opposing mining legislation that endangers our manoomin (wild rice) and the ecosystem of northern Minnesota; and to educate and inform Anishinaabe communities of the imperilment of nonferrous mining. 

Sustainable Nations Development Project

sustain_nations.jpgTraditional knowledge, practices, and the strengthening of traditional economies for the foundation of resilient sustainable nations. Sustainable Nations works to support the re-development of thriving, ecologically, culturally, and ecologically sustainable sustainable nations. Their work serves on-the-ground planning, development, and implementation. They support policy development initiatives, but the role of Sustainable Nations as an organization is tangible hands-on training and development work.

Trees, Water & People

Trees, Water & PeopleTrees, Water & People's mission is to improve people's lives by helping communities protect, conserve, and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends. TWP is staffed by a group of dedicated conservationists who feel strongly about helping communities to better manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends. Their work is guided by two core beliefs: Natural resources are best protected when local people play an active role in their care and management; and Preserving local ecosystems is essential for the ongoing social, economic, and environmental health of communities everywhere.


Solar Energy International

solar_energy.jpegSEI's mission remains the same today as it was when they began over 30 years ago: to empower people around the world through the education of sustainable practices. Through their Renewable Energy Education Program (REEP), SEI offers hands-on workshops and online courses in solar PV, wind, micro-hydro and solar hot water. They've partnered with us to do hands-on trainings in many Native communities. 



MN350 works to inspire Minnesotans to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis: to create a new sense of urgency and possibility for our planet. they knits many efforts together in a powerful and unified call to action—a call that is global, scientific, and relational. We work to build a social movement by empowering individuals, groups and communities to act collectively in addressing the climate crisis. Their goal: to return our climate to the safe level of 350ppm of CO2 – or lower – in a way that best promotes a just and livable future.

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light
Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light believes the active care of creation is integral to spiritual life and social justice. They respond to climate change by bringing Minnesota's faith communities together and by providing opportunities for congregations to join the growing climate justice movement.

Sioux Chef

Chef Sean Sherman, Oglala Lakota, born in Pine Ridge, SD, has been cooking in MN, SD & MT for the last 27 years.  In the last few years, his main culinary focus has been on the “pre-reservation” indigenous knowledge of wild and traditionally cultivated food history, flavor, and culinary technique. His studies have taken him to the Crow tribes of the Bighorn and Beartooth Mountain Ranges in Wyoming and Montana, to his native Lakota plains in the Dakotas, to the Ojibwe & Dakota forests & lake region throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Earth Guardians

We are a tribe of young activists, artists and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders and co-creating the future we know is possible. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are #GenerationRYSE

Brave Heart Society

Cante Ohitika Okodakiciye. We are located in Lake Andes, SD, on the homelands of the Ihanktonwan Oyate.

Honor the Treaties

Honor the Treaties is an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous communities through art and advocacy. We do that by funding collaborations between Native artists and Native advocacy groups so that their messages can reach a wider audience.


Shane Davis is a data-miner, activist, researcher, and the founder of, an anti-fracking investigative blog about the Colorado Oil and Gas industry and the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. He publishes expose` documents that illustrate how the government and the industry are continuing to harm the environment and local communities. His research and data have empowered dozens of grassroots organizations in many states which use it as a center piece for anti-fracking movements and public debates nationwide.

Dakota Resource Council

Members of Dakota Resource Council use grassroots actions to influence public opinion and shape public policy to protect agriculture, natural resources, livelihoods and community well-being.

Fort Berthold Tribal College

The Fort Berthold Community College (FBCC) is tribally chartered by the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation headquarters at New Town, North Dakota.

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