Grantees 2013

Cheyenne River Youth Project – Eagle Butte, SD
Winyan Toka Win (Leading Lady) Garden
The Cheyenne River Youth Project is further expanding its Wiyan Toka Win Garden project to help its youth to reconnect with the land, values and traditions, whilst also improving the health of the Cheyenne River community.
Dakota Resource Council – North Dakota
This is Mandaree
The Dakota Resource Council is helping This is Mandaree, in their work against the proposed oil refinery and the pollution it will cause on their land, which is central to Honor the Earths initiative to support environmental awareness building and development.
horsespiritsociety.pngHorse Spirit Society
Big Foot Memorial Ride
This week long, 300 mile horse ride started in 1986 as a Wiping of the Tears ceremony and has evolved to bring change to the Lakota-Sioux and to raise awarness. The Oomaka Tokatakiy- Future Generations Ride youth are of central importance to this ride as the Lakota-Sioux call on their youth to step forward into their own leadership and to prepare to lead for the future generations.
Earth Lodge Movement – North Dakota
The Earth Lodge Movement, which is currently being developed, will serve as a model for building natural homes and a community that will reconnect people to it's families, traditional values and the land.
earthlodge.jpgFort Berthold Community College- New Town, ND
Honoring the Bottomlands
Fort Berthold is documenting the Bottomlands era to help those who lived through the flooding of Garrison Dam and to strengthen the cultural identity and future of the younger generations of the Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara Nations, and to revive the peoples’ cultural and spiritual connection to Mother Earth.
Medicine Wheel/Yellowbird
Natural Horsemanship Training & Spiritual Health Training on the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota.
White Earth Land Recovery Project – White Earth, MN
Collaboration between WELRP and Yellowbird in Natural Horsemanship Training session for 3 White Earth Tribal Members.
lummitotem.jpgLummi Totem Pole Project
The Lummi people have created a tradition of carving and delivering totem poles to areas struck by disaster or otherwise in need of hope and healing. Now it is Lummi Nation’s own sacred landscape, Xwe’chi’eXen, that needs hope, healing and protection. The most imminent threat to the burial grounds and treaty rights associated with Xwe’chi’eXen comes from a proposal to build North America’s largest coal port on this sacred landscape.
Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum
First Annual Uranium Film Festival Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum (SIUF) and Dineh Bidziil (DB) are a united grassroots organization that seeks a nonprofit organization status. Its mission is to work directly with Indigenous communities affected by uranium mining legacy in the Four Corners Region; to identify alternative economic  opportunities that respect and incorporate traditional culture, foster responsible  stewardship of the land and enhance self-reliance of communities. SIUF-DB are established to allow creative ideas to evolve into projects in an effort for Native communities to address their economic, environmental, social and cultural needs.
Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign of the Polaris Institute
Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands campaigns c/o IEN who support they’re work in seeking a moratorium on further tar sands expansion through education and raising cultural awareness.
HOPI.jpgHopi Tutskwa Permaculture – Kykotsmovi, AZ
Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture is a community-based organization that engages, trains and inspires Hopi youth to keep ancient Hopi life, ways and traditions alive. Their vision is to strengthen food security while creating opportunities for local indigenous youth and community members to participate in a continuation of Hopi life through gardening and farming.
Idle No More – Ottawa, ON
The Idle No More/Defenders of the Land Joint Campaign involves coordinated educational events and non-violent direct actions to promote Indigenous rights and environmental protection in alliance with non-Indigenous supporters.
Native American Educational Technologies – Hayward, WI
Harvest Educational Learning Project
HELP works to affect local decision to preserve the maple trees, the pure clean waters of the rivers and streams, to support local organic food based economy and to reject any mining proposal. They have made a lot of headway and are turning the whole local community into one large group of local food supporters and mining resistors.
inm.jpegMetis Horticulture & Heritage Society – Winnipeg, MB
Foundations for a Regional Seed Library
MHHS is working to lay the foundation for a regional seed library. This project is networking, collaborating and preparing for the 2014 growing season. The long-term goal is to establish an indigenous-led regional seed library.
Nez Perce Tribe Water Resources Division – Lapwai, ID
Nez Perce Tribe Water Division will keep up with their ongoing work on building resilience through energy efficiency, conservation, and educational outreach, with a particular focus on the youth.
Owe Aku – Manderson, SD
Moccasins on the Ground Tour of Resistance
Owe Aku’s history includes work to protect sacred sites, Treaty Rights, Human Rights, and various activities to revitalize the Lakota Way of Life. Owe Aku is working to provide information about the impacts of uranium mining and the KXL Tar sands pipeline along with a three day NVDA training program and to print a newspaper. 
Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma – Ponca City, OK
Ponca Youth Mentorship & Garden Project
The Ponca Youth Mentorship & Garden Project will engage the youth-at-risk between the ages 5-17 in projects in the garden. This includes instructions on home gardening and food preparation from the foods the gardens produce, overall building resilience for the future.
Pooenadu Organic Farms – Oakland, CA
Pooenadu Organic Farms is working towards building food security and sovereignty through sustainable, environmentally friendly methods.
crying_earth.jpgPraire Dust Films, LLC.
Crying Earth Rise Up
Crying Earth Rise Up is a broadcast-length documentary film that tells the story of two women's parallel search for answers to the question: Why are there high levels of radiation in our drinking water and how can we protect our families and community against this threat?
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa – Bayfield, WI
Mino Bimaadiziwin Farm Expansion
Mino Bimaadiziwin Farm is building food security and sovereignty and will acquire an additional 21 acres to actively farm, providing cash crops leading to self-sustainability and improving the availability of locally produced food.
Rio Grande Community Development Corporation – New Mexico
The primary goal is to stop the Roca Honda mine project, which will pump, contaminate and waste millions of gallons of water in the dewatering and operation process, adding irreversible effects to the underlying desert aquifer during an ongoing drought.
hopi.jpgT’Sou-ke First Nation – Sooke, BC
Wui Cist Cen Tol
The Wui Cist Cen Tol project works in youth engagement through gathering of native and medicinal plants, gathering for native fruits and berries and traditional seafood gatherings. This will have long-term environmental, social, and economic impacts.
To Lani Enterprises, Inc. – Winslow, AZ
Revitalizing Local Navajo Corn Production Markets and Traditions
To Lani Enterprises project works with relocalizing Traditional Food Economics. This project builds the capacity of traditional farmers to grow, process and sell or trade Navajo corn at local markets. It engages youth, increases community knowledge of and access to traditional strains of Navajo corn.
hawaiian.jpgWaikiki Hawaiian Civic Club & Ahahui Siwila Hawaii o Kapolei – Honolulu, HI
Pupuhi Kukui-Malino Ke Kai
WHCC and/or the “Ahahui” is dedicated to the promotion and perpetuation of traditional native Hawaiian values and practices. The Pupuhi Kukui-Malino Ke Kai project goal is to create opportunities for the sharing and utilization of Indigenous wisdom between Native Hawaiian cultural practitioners and Native Hawaiian foster care and legal guardianship families.
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