Honor the Earth was established in 1993 to address two of the primary needs of the Native environmental movement: the need to break the geographic and political isolation of Native communities, and the need to increase financial resources for organizing and change. Over our twenty-five years of operations, we have re-granted two million dollars to just over 200 Native American communities. We are proud to support the work of Native-led organizations throughout North America.

Organizations that serve Native communities receive only .07% of all grant funding available in the United States. And only a fraction of that goes to organizations that are lead by Native people, for their own communities. 

For information on how to apply for a grant please click here. While we generally have two grant cycles per year, we also have some discretionary funds for projects that have a critical and timely need. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Please look below for information on our grantees. The work we've been honored to fund is the work that is critical in the movement toward a better future for Native peoples.


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