Grantee News

07/19/2021 - Naamehnay Project / Question of Power

07/10/2021 - Healing Bridges


01/15/2021 - Mushkegowuk Council

  • "To respond to and carry out the collective will of all Mushkegowuk Members. We are committed to providing responsible and accountable political leadership. The Mushkegowuk Council is dedicated to providing quality equitable and accessible support and advisory services to respond to and meet the social, economic, cultural, educational, spiritual, and political needs of first nations, thereby improving the quality of life of our people."
  • Mushkegowuk chiefs call for moratorium on development within Ring of Fire


12/10/2020 - Dancing Earth

  • Dancing Earth’s ongoing creative, cultural, and communal response to these times is one of kinship between all voices, as we recognize the need for solidarity and reciprocity

Talavai Denipah-Cook - Adult

Qootsvenma Denipah-Cook - Adult

12/07/2020 - Native Conservancy

  • Extend the Oil Spill Restoration Boundary

Approve Resolution D!


12/07/2020 - Schools For Chiapas


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