Dooda Desert Rock

Desert Rock is a proposed 1,500 megawatt mine-mouth plant slated for the Four Corners Region of the Navajo reservation, an area plagued by two existing coal-fired power plants and tens of thousands of oil and gas wells. While most Navajos haul water for their own use, the plant would deplete 1.2 million gallons of water a year—and contaminate that water. Desert Rock would also emit 12.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, the primary greenhouse gas causing global warming.

Along with greenhouse gases, the plant would emit pollutants associated with asthma, pulmonary disease, increased rates of heart attack and stroke and increased rates of birth defects and developmental delays. Residents in the area already suffer from rampant respiratory illness due to existing fossil fuel development and pollution. To add to the Navajo peoples’ health risk is environmental injustice. Plus, another coal plant is simply not needed -- the Navajo Nation holds tremendous solar and wind resources that could be harnessed to create a new, green energy economy.

Honor the Earth has been working with a host of grassroots Dine groups to support resistance to the plant and forward thinking efforts to build a clean energy economy in the Navajo homeland.