Annual Report

2020 Honor the Earth Annual Report

My Niij (Friends), I pray that you are well during these challenging times. As the reality of the industrial worlds intersect with the natural world, we understand more about ourselves and more about our future than ever before.

In this moment, the world we know is changing. Our prophecies talk of this time, and our teachings remind us of how we must attend to our relatives and natural world during moments like these - reaffirming our relationships. This is our work- politically, economically, and culturally. We know the world is changing, and we intend to be a part of the change. Our work at Honor the Earth is to support Indigenous nations and communities in this time of change, and to work with our allies to make changes for the better. That’s to say, that the words of Arundhati Roy which refer to pandemic as portal, help guide us now.

We choose to stand with our relatives, to be courageous and to help birth the change. As isolated as we are, the work of the musicians, artists, organizers and inventors bring us together. I am amazed and grateful for all of you. This is clearly the time of transition. Let us do our best.

We must remember these are the times we are made for.

We have grown dramatically over the past few years and we are now a family of organizations - interconnected and working together. In 2018, Honor the Earth launched a sister organization, Akiing.

Akiing is a community development initiative working with Anishinaabe Agriculture to develop local food systems and fiber hemp. The work of Honor the Earth and Akiing also support 8th Fire Solar, an affiliate of Honor the Earth. 8th Fire Solar manufactures solar thermal panels. Together, we are establishing a solid foundation for local food systems and farm work, a new economy. In short, we are not only ready for the Just Transition, we are building a Just Transition.Honor the Earth is adapting and growing to work with our communities on the just transition and also in providing examples and a narrative for others to follow. That’s to say - the just transition is not a theory, it’s a practice. And that’s what we are doing. We’ve grown our family of organizations, and relocalized to help nurture a transition in Akiing (“the land to which the people belong”).

Honor’s advocacy work is tested daily. Despite seven years of hard work, not a beat missed, the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline has been approved by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. We are now in the midst of a brutal on the ground battle with Enbridge who has wasted no time to begin construction on Line 3. We are asking allies and friends to help us grow the organization’s capacity while we fight this big battle. Our legal team has expanded dramatically, with the support of Earth Justice and the Sierra Club on federal appeals, and we stand our ground locally, with our people, our allies and Water Protectors. That’s because the time for change is now. To make this change and to walk through this portal, we have adapted our organization to become more flexible and we are looking to grow even more. We are training and building capacity as solar photovoltaic installers We are envisioning rural cooperative and tribal cooperative work. And, we are working on the New Green Revolution with our sister organization Anishinaabe Agriculture Institute (AAI) to grow and utilize hemp in sustainable ways that reinvigorate our soils.

In the face of the pandemic, our staff has garnered federal funds new donors With this support, we’ve grown and built a foundation for the work ahead. We’ve also worked with community groups like the White Earth Land Recovery Project, to grow the food they need to distribute to local people and to till gardens. In 2020, we worked hard to oppose repressive legislation, and to rock the vote. We worked with tribes in the north to get out the Native vote, and we are proud to have helped make history in Minnesota and nationally, as the votes were counted.

In short, we’ve adapted, we’ve grown, and we’re growing still to meet the needs around us and to walk through the portal. We are more grateful for your support than ever before. As we move ahead into 2021, we will continue our work to protect the waters, to oppose fossil fuels infrastructure, to train new leaders, and to doula the next economy - the solar, local foods, hemp, just transition economy, and all that this transition requires. We will support our relatives nationally and internationally, and we will become stronger with your help.


Winona LaDuke

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